“A whole person is one who has both walked with God and wrestled with devil.” ~Carl Jung

Mary MaranoDemons, we all have them; they rear their heads at the most inconvenient of times. The all-consuming Demon of Depression enjoys making everyone’s life miserable, with those black moods and mind numbing trances. The Demon of Anger especially enjoys going after the people we love the most. Then there is the paralyzing Demon of Fear, which holds us hostage, whispering lies and keeps us stuck. The Demon of Anxiety befriends fear and enjoys fraying at our nerves. Demons can lead us into a place of isolation, confusion, loneliness and despair.

Your situation may not be so dramatically expressed as a demon, however chances are you may be experiencing overwhelming feelings that seem impossible to manage on your own. My experience has been that left unattended, these negative feelings express themselves in our lives and in our bodies. Our relationships become strained with conflict and drama, our work lags behind and our children suffer our anguish. Consequently, our relationships may become confusing, leaving us with unresolved feelings.

My name is Mary and it is my hope to introduce myself into the lives of those searching for a way to accomplish a mindful and conscious way of living. Even through what appears to be life’s most difficult challenges, I am dedicated to opening the space for you to experience therapy in a non-threatening way. I will lead you through an individualized process to help you reach your intuitiveness and you will acquire the tools to help you step back into your life, living authentically. The trick is to allow ourselves to go through this period of upheaval, knowing that in the end, the darkness will lift.

“Everything which you can conceive and accept is yours! Entertain no doubt. Refuse to accept worry or hurry or fear. That which knows and does everything is inside you and harkens to the slightest whisper.” ~Anderson

Through your journey of self-realization, you will gain a renewed sense of hope. It may bring you some comfort knowing that I understand what it feels like to lose life’s balance and I also know what it takes to get back on your feet.

“There is nothing more magnetic than being passionate about something and allowing yourself to dream about the endless possibilities.” ~Kathy Ryndak

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Mary Marano, RP, MSc
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